📱LispPad Go


LispPad Go is an integrated development environment for writing Scheme code on the go. It consists of two main components: a read-eval-print loop for interacting with the Scheme interpreter, and a text editor for writing Scheme code and documentation in Markdown format.

The left-most button in the navigation bar is used to switch back and forth between the interpreter and the text editor.


On iPads, split-view mode is enabled by default. In this mode, both interpreter and text editor are shown next to each other. Via the button in the left-most corner, it is possible to switch both sides. The arrow button in the middle of the screen is used to control how the space between the two views is split.

Selecting "Close" in the menu which the arrow button in the navigation bar is providing, will switch the user interface into single-view mode. In this mode, the iPad will behave just like an iPhone. There is only one difference: just next to the navigation button, there is a button to re-enable split-view mode again.

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