(lispkit system os)

Library (lispkit system os) currently defines a single procedure system-call for invoking external binaries as a sub-process of the LispKit interpreter. This library is operating system specific and requires careful usage in portable code.

Executes the binary at path passing the string representation of the elements of list args as command-line arguments. env is an association list defining environment variables. Both keys and values are strings. The output generated by executing the binary is directed towards port, which is a textual output port. The default for port corresponds to current-output-port, a parameter object defined by library (lispkit port). Providing #f as port will send the output to /dev/null. input is an optional string which can be used to pipe data into the binary as input. The current implementation is not able to handle interactive binaries. system-call returns the result code for executing the binary (0 refers to a regular exit).

> (system-call "/bin/ls" '(-a -l))
total 863816
drwx------@  47 objecthub    1504 Jun  8 10:56 Desktop
drwx------@  96 objecthub    3072 Jun  7 16:39 Documents
drwx------@ 589 objecthub   18848 May 31 16:59 Downloads
drwx------@  41 objecthub    1312 Dec 19 22:51 Google Drive
drwx------@  84 objecthub    2688 Feb 15 18:32 Library
drwx------+  16 objecthub     512 Oct 20  2019 Movies
drwx------+  10 objecthub     320 Oct 20  2019 Music
drwx------+  10 objecthub     320 May 17 18:37 Pictures
drwxr-xr-x+   5 objecthub     160 Nov 23  2016 Public
> (system-call "/usr/bin/bc" '(-q) '() (current-output-port) "10*(11+9)/2\n")

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