Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for the applications LispPad on macOS and LispPad Go on iOS.

This privacy policy describes how personal information is handled in the application LispPad on macOS and LispPad Go on iOS. The policy can be updated at any time. It is strongly recommended to check this page on a regularly basis. Please see the history at the bottom of this page.


LispPad and LispPad Go are integrated development environments for macOS and iOS. The applications are developed by Matthias Zenger. LispPad is distributed via the Mac App Store and this website. LispPad Go is exclusively available via the iOS App Store. For any questions related to this privacy policy, please contact the developer.

Data collection

LispPad and LispPad Go are a sandboxed applications, i.e. they only have access to data authorized by the user. Independent of such authorizations, the LispPad applications themselves neither collect nor transmit any personal data. Documents written by the user with LispPad are only saved in places selected by the user. Files generated by programs executed by LispPad are only saved in places determined by the program and authorized by the user. Individual application settings are stored as user settings on the device of the user, but might get backed up or synced by the operation system.

Website analytics

The site uses Google Analytics as a third party analytics service, but it is not used for advertising purposes. Google Analytics is used to collect information about how our website performs and how users, in general, navigate through it. This helps us improve our content and website performance. Google provides further information about its own privacy practices and offers a browser add-on to opt out of Google Analytics tracking.


2018-10-29: Initial version 2021-05-01: Include LispPad Go (on iOS) 2022-10-02: Make it more clear that the policy applies to both LispPad and LispPad Go 2022-11-06: Explain usage of Google Analytics on

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